Guangzhou XBL Machine Factory .

        Guangzhou XBL Machine Factory . specializes in manufacturing audio/video furniture. Our goal is to provide our customers with best quality products, very affordable prices and excellent service.Our residential home entertainment line includes audio/video racks and speaker stands for home theater use. All the AV racks are constructed with durable metal frames along with tempered glass or wood shelves.
        Our metal/wood racks come in 10 different color combinations at the same low prices while our metal/glass racks also come in the most popular colors.Our racks offer deeper and taller shelving space to accommodate most of the up-to-date electronic equipment. Both the stackable and fixed structure racks give you the most beautiful display of your equipment matching your furniture at home. Our speaker stands, on the other hand, are all metal construction with cast iron base. Most of them offer filling and wire management capacity. The most of unique feature of our stands is the beautiful design, stability, sturdiness and durability.
         The rapid technology development is changing our world. we, as a manufacturer, are also constantly updating our design and products to accommodate the changes. We welcome any suggestions and recommendations from our customers.
Please visit our website as often as you can to view our design and products. We are sure you will find something that fits you need.Thanking you for visiting our web site!

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